The transportation of automobiles is an inherent aspect of today’s society, which has a huge effect on economic development and the free circulation of goods. However, our freight moving vehicles are just one small part of the overall mechanism that is in place to assure continual and safe delivery of cargo to end users. We at UAB Logibaltika work to improve the services we offer. Our staff are constantly deepening and updating their knowledge through qualifications improvement courses. The essence of this initiative is to look at our service through the eyes of the customers and to take specific steps to improve the quality of service and to raise the standard of our service culture.

Services offered:

  • We haul cargo in enclosed semi-trailers.
  • We collect and consolidate loads of from 1 pallet to 33 pallets.
  • We organise the transport of loads by any means of transport, in accordance with the client’s needs. 

Transport is not just Lithuania’s main export, it is a fundamental artery of the economy. Transportation of goods, which accounts for about 60% of Lithuania’s export services, has become Lithuania’s most competitive business. UAB Logibaltika offers the following services:

  • full and partial of freight,
  • transport of dangerous (ADR) loads,
  • transport of large volume (100–120 m³) loads,
  • supplementary insurance of loads to cover full value,
  • individual logistics solutions.

Basic international transport routes: Schengen countries, CIS countries and Kazakhstan.

Thanks to our many years of experience, our ability to provide our customers with the highest quality service at a favourable price, our flexibility and our ability to adapt to changing market conditions, we have won a reputation as serious and reliable partners.