About us

UAB Logibaltika is a steadily growing freight transport and despatching company, established in 1997. Logibaltika commenced operations two decades ago in freight despatching services. Today the company also offers freight transport services using its own vehicles, and it consults with clients to offer professional logistics solutions.

We are not big players in the transport market, but we are versatile. We value our clients, of whom we have a stable number, and with whom we have collaborated since the establishment of our company. The formula for our stability is to offer considered and weighed solutions that help to satisfy the needs of individual customers.

We at UAB Logibaltika have earned our clients’ trust by adhering to the principle: keep the promises you make to customers. This work ethic has enabled us to widen the geographical scope of our activities to encompass all of Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan.

The strategic direction of our company has not changed since we took our first steps. In this rapidly changing world, we seek to face to meet deadline challenges efficiently, to be competitive and to stay viable. We always observe the fundamental principle of adding value to what our client does, and we engage in our work with the commitment of working ceaselessly!